Equipment Rules & Standards

This document outlines the current standard for equipment usage. Below is a chart showing the unit's available roles opposite a list of types of equipment (specifically, weaponry and medical gear) that are restricted to those roles.


  • Y - Yes, it is allowed.
  • N - No, is is not allowed.
  • M - Mission Specific.


  • Some missions may call for the use of sub machine guns however they are few and far between.
  • Depending on the mission members of FSG may need to take a DMR or Bolt Action rifle.
  • CM/CLS's may use grenade launchers to mark their position for air assets or friendlies.
  • Marksmen can lay out 7.62 battle rifles or 5.56 assault rifles with a bipod and magnified scope and utilise them as a DMR however in most cases these weapons will not be as accurate or effective as weapons designed for the role.
  • Autoriflemen are allowed to take 5.56 rifles capable of taking 100 round magazines and use them as light support weapons. However this is mission specific.
  • Autoriflemen are allowed to take 7.62 or above machine guns should the mission permit it. It is up to their FTL or Section Leader whether or not they can take a 7.62 MMG or not.