SJ1 Combat Stimulant


The SJ1 Combat Stimulant is a heavily experimental stimulant developed by the Combat Technology Research Centre 7 - Pine Gap, in Australia's Northern Territory. It was synthesised as part of an actively running program within the CTRG called IOEP (Individual Operative Enhancement Program), a program with the intent if trying to artifically enhance the capabilities of CTRG Operatives through the use of advanced technology and/or chemistry. 

SJ1 Combat Stimulant is designed to harden a living humans skin to levels equivalent to that of tungsten carbide alloy, rendering the operative nearly impervious to damage. Additionally it temporarily blocks the operatives pain receptors, in turn making them stronger and less likely to fatigue due to their inability to feel anything; this however was not originally built into the stimulant, with previously tested iterations forgoing the ability to block pain which resulted in operatives being impervious to damage but being overcome by severe pain and often dying as a result anyway.

SJ1 is still in a heavily experimental stage, requiring a medic to stabilise the operative upon injection of the stimulant due to it causing dramatic changes in blood pressure and heart rate to the point of rendering the operative unconcious or even dead if not monitored during the usage of the stimulant. 

A maximum of one dose every 24 hours is recommended and any operatives who have taken the stimulant are to be monitored for 7 days following initial usage.