3-(b-TG) CNS Stimulant


The 3-(b-TG) CNS (Central Nervous System) Stimulant is a combat stimulant developed by the Combat Technology Research Centre 7 - Pine Gap, in Australia's Northern Territory. It was synthesised as part of an actively running program within the CTRG called IOEP (Individual Operative Enhancement Program), a program with the intent if trying to artifically enhance the capabilities of CTRG Operatives through the use of advanced technology and/or chemistry. 

3-(b-TG) CNS has a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system, improving the strength and speed of an operative, due to more powerful signals sent to the muscles. In some cases operatives have been able to run at nearly 25 to 50% faster and longer as a result of the stimulant. However side effects of the stimulant includes lowered heart rate and heavily distorted vision due to unforseen effects on the individuals ocular nerve.

A maximum of two doses within 72 hours is reccomended. However in some cases operatives have been able to take three or even four doses in a single battle before any adverse effects show themselves. Adverse effects being death.